Spray Paints

Acrylic-based, solvent-borne, high-gloss top-coat paint with good covering and quick drying abilities.


  • Formulated with acrylic film forming agent and non-toxic solvents,
  • Good coverage and filling properties,
  • Lasting colour and gloss,
  • Excellent adhesion.

Fields of Application

  • Ideal for use on wood,
  • Metal,
  • Glass,
  • Ceramic materials,
  • Various plastics,
  • Hobby,
  • Decoration,
  • Automotive,
  • Industry etc. it can be used for retouching and general repair in areas.

Color Options

Solid, Fluorescent, Effect, Metallic Colors (Please ask for special colours)


  • 400 ml aerosol can, box of 12

Technical Data

Contents Pressurized liquid containing propellant, solvents and pigments
Dry Film Thickness 1 layer: 12 micron, 2 layer: 23 micron, 3 layer: 34 micron
Odor Typical ester solvents
Box Pressure 20 ºC 4.0 0 ± 0.5 bar, 50 ºC 8.0 0 ± 0.5 bar
Dry Time Powder dry: 10 minutes, Touch dry: 20 minutes, Full Dry: 12 hours, Hard dry: 24 hours
Gloss Ral Colors >90 gloss, (60º), Matte Colors 5-15 gloss, (60º), Metallic Colors 50-70 gloss (60º)
Temperature Resistance -10°C to +100°C; instantaneous up to 120 °C
Viscosity (25º, KU): 33-45 KU
Degree of crush (Grindometre whit) <5 micron
Density (20ºC or 25ºC gram/ml) 0,93

*Technical data are approximate values based on 20°C air temperature and 65% relative humidity.