BS12/14 Sibax Fast Adhesive MDF-Kit



High viscosity cyanoacrylate adhesive with extremely fast cure used with an aerosol activator


  • Two-component adhesive with non-slump cyanoacrylate and solvent-based activator.
  • Enables a very strong bond within 5 seconds.
  • Can be used on vertical and porous substrates

Fields of Application

  • Bonding wood elements, MDF, rubber, leather, and some plastics.
  • DIY bonding where fast adhesion is desired


  • 200 ml +50 gr
  • 400ml +100 gr

Technical Data

  • Chemical composition: cyanoacrylate adhesive and solvent-based amine accelerator
  • Viscosity @25C: 1500 cps
  • Thermal stability: Between -15C and +70C
  • Density: 1,05 gr/ml
  • Carrier solvent: Hegzane