LS89 Sibax Neutral High Temperature Silicone



Non-corrosive neutral silicone gasket maker which retains its flexibility in temperatures up to +300°C.


  • Resists shrinking and cracking caused by exposure to thermal cycling between -50°C and +300 °C
  • Improved oil resistance
  • Does not release any acid and can be applied on sensitive metals and concrete
  • Almost odorless cure
  • Pure silicone, does not contain any organic extender.

Fields of Application

  • In gasketing applications where resistance to high temperatures and/or high thermal cycling in auto motives, machines, heating systems, industrial owens, chimneys etc...

Color Options

Black White Grey Dark Red


  • 280 ml x 24 pcs carton
  • 80 ml x 36 pcs carton

Technical Data