MS polymer based, single component, high modulus (HM) sealant and adhesive with hybrid strength and elasticity.


  • Single component, easy to apply,
  • Resistant to weather conditions and UV radiation,
  • Can be overpainted,
  • Does not contain solvent and isocyanate, long life, does not lose volume and mass,
  • Permanently elastic,
  • Tolerates movements in the joints and protects its isolation and adhesion properties thanks to its high modulus,
  • Does not cause bubble after application that may be caused by damp surfaces,
  • Excellent adhesion to many building materials.

Fields of Application

  • Indoor and outdoor,
  • All kind of sealing and bonding applications in construction,
  • Assembly and sealing of construction elements such as concrete, metal, wood, PVC, betopan,
  • Assembly and isolation of sandwich panel in roof and facade,
  • In manufacturing applications such as automotive, containers, trucks,
  • Roof and terrace dilatations and in joints of parapet corners,
  • Intersections of the prefabricated elements,
  • Filling joints of natural materials such as marble, natural stone, granite.

Color Options

Black White Grey


  • 600 ml aluminium sausages, box of 20

Technical Data

Appearance MS polymer sealant
Application Temperature +5°C and +35°C
Service Temperature -40˚C and +80˚C
Density 1,40 ± 0,05 g/cm³
Tack-Free Time (minutes) ~ 30
Curing Rate 3 mm / 24 hours
Hardness (Shore A) 40 ± 5
Elongation at Break > 360%
Elastic Revovery > 95%
Elastic Modulus 100% 0,40 N/mm²

*Technical data are approximate values based on 20°C air temperature and 65% relative humidity.