Polyurethane Foams

Hight yield and low expansion PU foam formulated for fixing door and window frames.


  • High effciency up to 60 liters,
  • It dries much faster and better than standard straw foams, cell structure,
  • Low growth does not apply excessive pressure to the door, window frames and reduces the amount of waste,
  • It can be used in four seasons,
  • It does not lose volume,
  • Very strong adhesion to common construction materials,
  • Does not flow on vertical surfaces.

Fields of Application

  • Gaps around door and window frames filling,
  • Around PVC and aluminum joinery,
  • Gap filling applications.


  • 850 ml aerosol can, box of 16

Technical Data

Density 21-23 kg/m³
Yield 55-60 liters/1000ml
Fire-class B3
Shrinkage 5% max
Expansion 70-120%
Tack-free time 5-10 minutes
Cutting time 25-35 minutes
Complete Drying Time 12-24 hours
Color Light Yellow
Thermal Stability Between -50°C to +100°C