Polyurethane Foams

General purpose polyurethane aerosol mounting and filling foam.


  • Controlled growth does not exert excessive pressure on the surfaces, does not stretch the muscles,
  • It dries very quickly, eliminating the need for moisturizing,
  • Excellent stability-does not pull,
  • It does not flow on vertical surfaces,
  • Semi-flexible, easily shaped, can be straightened by hand without the need for cutting,
  • It has strong adhesion to building materials,
  • A valve that is guaranteed against sticking and blocking is used.

Fields of Application

  • Fixing of door and window frames to the wall,
  • Filling of holes, cracks and gaps in buildings for insulation purposes,
  • Installation applications for panels, tables, air conditioners, ventilation ducts, etc,
  • In the assembly of PVC and wooden joinery. Bonding and insulation of common building materials.


  • 750 ml aerosol can, box of 16

Technical Data

Density 26-32 kg/m³
Yield 30-40 liters/1000ml
Combustion Class DIN 4102) B3
Volume Loss (TM 1004) 3% Max
Expansion 150-180%
Non-stick Time 8-10 minutes
Cuttable Time 30-40 minutes
Full drying 12-24 hours
Colour Light yellow
Thermal Stability Between -50°C and +100°C