Polyurethane Foams

B2 class polyurethane foam according to DIN EN 4102 standard, with limited fire resistance, self-extinguishing when withdrawn from the flame source.


  • Slows growing fire,
  • Self-extinguishes when kept away from the source of fire,
  • Meets B2 class according to DIN 4102,
  • Excellent sealing against gas and smoke,
  • Excellent adhesion on wood, metal, glass and concrete,
  • Effective thermal and sound insulation.

Fields of Application

  • Fire-retardant filling and insulating gaps around window and door frames,
  • Insulating electrical boards, ducts etc,
  • Applications where fire-rated gap filling is required.


  • 750 ml aerosol can, box of 12

Technical Data

Density 28-32 kg/m3
Yield 25-30 liters/1000ml
Fire-class B2
Shrinkage 5% max
Expansion 150-250%
Tack-free time 8-10 minutes
Cutting time 30-40 minutes
Color Red