Industrial Sprays

Prevents rust, loosens stuck parts.


  • Prevents corrosion and rust that may occur on surfaces exposed to rust and moisture,
  • Reduces friction and wear,
  • It can be used safely in many industrial areas, as well as on all corroded surfaces at home and workplaces,
  • It helps to delay or prevent malfunctions by increasing the frictional strength of moving parts,
  • Thanks to the oily surface it leaves behind, it extends the maintenance intervals and provides cost savings with spare parts savings,
  • After removing the rust, it forms a thin film layer on the surface and delays the rusting in the later stages,
  • It is water repellent,
  • Does not damage rubber and gaskets,
  • Does not contain silicone,
  • 360 degrees can be applied.

Fields of Application

  • It can be used in many industrial areas,
  • It is used on all surfaces where corrosion and rusting is observed at home and in the workplace,
  • To remove and prevent rust and corrosion in hinges, chains, nuts, bolts, gear systems, bearings, machines, gear wheels, motorcycles, bicycles, hand tools, passenger vehicles, heavy vehicles, agricultural and construction machines and all kinds of mechanical devices used.


  • 200 ml aerosol can, box of 36
  • 400 ml aerosol can, box of 24

Technical Data

Odour Characteristic
Base Mineral Oil Mixture
Consistence Liquid
Viscosity 25-35 cp
Flash Point <0°C

*Technical data are approximate values based on 20°C air temperature and 65% relative humidity.